Strike Force Alpha

Strike Force Alpha

The Strike Force is Born

The team was tasked with killing Androm, the leader of the bandit camp. After negotiating pay the team left on their mission. Along the way Grace heard a something in the grass. Swift Cutlass snuck around and noticed a group of goblins waiting to ambush. When trying to sneak back to the party Swift alerted the goblins to his presence and they attacked him. Swift charged them while Mun Key Bussexx ran in from the back. Grace pulled out her cross bow and felled one immediately. Grace shot down two more while Swift dispatched the remaining two. Mun simply missed many times. Continuing their travels they came across a caravan that had been attacked. Their were several bodies laying on the ground. While inspecting the wreckage the bodies rose from the dead and attacked the party. Grace, using her crossbow and healing magic, kept the party alive while doing damage to the zombies. Swift felled several zombies wile Mun managed to kill one. After the battle party moved on, leaving the road behind and following the river towards the suspected location of the bandit camp. They soon healed and rested for the night and continued on in the morning. Soon after moving on they were attacked by a bear. Mun was able to fend of then initial charge by the bear and threw it to the ground. The party quickly dispatched of the bear. After defeating the bear the party finds a group a bear cubs and take them as their companions. Continuing on the party soon came across the camp. Upon further inspection from a distance, the party discovers women and children living along side the bandits. The party decides to walk to the main gate and convince the guards that Androm summoned them. During the meeting with Androm it is revealed that Tressisk Dusksword is a necromancer and has been starting wars to gain more power. The party decides to join with Androm and becomes Strike Force Alpha.



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