Strike Force Alpha

Clearing Mines and Winning Tourneys

The adventurers were tasked with escorting the local merchant to the nearby town of Cafield. Before heading to the town they went on a mission for the smith to clear out a nearby mine. Upon arriving at the mine they encountered a kobold inside. Mun Key Bussexx was surprised by the kobold and took a hit. Revenge was quickly taken as the lone kobold was defeated. Further down the mine Swift Cutlass spotted two spiders wrapping dead kobolds in webbing. The spiders drag their prey further down in to the mine. The party follows the spiders and come to a large cavern. The spiders drop down from behind and attack. The party quick defeats the spiders and Mun Key Bussexx removes the fangs and poison sack. Continuing further into the cavern they come to a small passage way. Mun Key Bussexx falls off and lands on a giant spider web. The party battled the giant spider until Swift Cutlass defeated the spider jumping and running along the back to stab it in the head with two swords. The party returned to camp and rested before escorting the merchant to Cafield. The party set out and after some trouble with storms made it to the village near midnight the next day. The party sought to meet with the king to discuss matters of joining them in their fight but were not able to meet at the time. Mun Key Bussexx entered the melee and joust. He lost in the melee but managed to win the joust but unseating his competition. As the joust ended a bolt struck the king in the chest killing him. The party, as well as a guard, chased after the assassin. The lost sight of the assassin as he ran into a building. They found a trap door inside and Mun Key Bussexx took and arrow to the face as he activated a trap while opening the door. They found a path under the house leading to a door. Mun Key Bussexx broke down the door and they were greeted by a group of 20 dwarves and gnomes. They said they killed the king because he was oppressing non-humans and they want to replace his leadership with their own. Mun Key Bussexx was forced to leave because they did not trust him while Swift Cutlass met with their leader. Swift Cutlass made a deal with the leader to help in exchange for their alliance against Oregent. When Mun Key Bussexx left he encountered a group of ten guards in the house.



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